Carte Noire 9

Cinema Advertising Logo 2013
Dragon Rouge Paris

Carte Noire coffee (Kraft Food) is known to be a longtime partner of movie theaters in Europe. A dedicated logo has been designed for. The golden ribbon is one of the historical symbols of the brand, tied to the packaging it keeps the aromas, untied, it releases the emotions (Of coffee as well as cinema) . This logo is used on commercials as well as on visuals appearing in cinema snacks and retaurants.

"A coffee named desire" (Brand Tagline before 2016)

Shooting for the branding materials

Carte Noire 7

Key visuals with various ribbon position

Carte Noire 3
Carte Noire 2

Branding materials

Carte Noire 6


Carte Noire 5
Brand Strategy for the use of the different logos (ribbons)


Carte Noire 8

Co-branding contracted with Pathé Cinema

Carte Noire 4