An unusual profile. Experience with and trust of major international brands. Sense of management. Relevant ideas that make the difference… Isn’t that you expect from a creative manager?

About 2

Passion and adaptability

Each mission, each client, gives the opportunity to understand a new corporate culture and a new facet of society. To get the best out of creation, it is essential to engage oneself with passion and curiosity in order to motivate each member of the team to bring out the right idea. I consider each mission as a chance given to innovation. My “plus”, is precisely my particular career, multidisciplinary beyond the creation, which gives me the ability to quickly understand many professional areas. My professional experiences also show my aptitude and inclination to be interested in the most diverse cultures.

A strategic vision

My core competence is branding, brand building in the long run. Each mission that I carry out, individually or in a team, is done with the will to place the creation in a global strategic thinking. This allowed me to follow major clients for several years and advise them as much about their identity as their packaging and their product launches, their retail, their advertising, their PR, their digital communication, the events, their presence in trade shows … (according to each brands). I am now perfectly able to work in teams and in synergy with specialists in each of these fields.

Professional successes

I have had the pleasure of managing the last 6 years the agency Facto Saatchi & Saatchi of Madagascar as Creative Director and Deputy General Manager. This position allowed me to prove my competencies since the agency has won numerous awards to the “Creative” of the Indian Ocean, including 4 titles of best advertising agency of Madagascar for the last 4 years. As agency manager : the turnover have been doubled on 5 years (+ 15% /year) and the agency has become the most profitable of MasterGroup, (1st communication group of French-speaking countries in the Indian Ocean). To see recommandation and Awards, visit my LinkedIn page.

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