Orange Money 1

Youngs Campaign 2013
Facto Saatchi & Saatchi Madagascar

In 2013, Orange has to recapture market shares at Antananarivo (capital) on the Young target. The new Youngs Charter has just been launched by Publicis on the EMEA area, Madagascar is chosen as first country.

AKAMA TV Commercial

The “Akama” bundle (“Friends” in Malagasy), includes phoning, text messages and the Internet data, for a competitive price. This offer specially designed for young and students is the most popular product of the Orange range.

MANDAM' TV Commercial

This second Bundle named Mandan (“large” in Malagasy) designed on the same basis as Akama but includes different proportions of phoning, texting and Internet data.

AKAMA TV Commercial

The Orange Young saga consists of skits featuring the use of cell phones and Internet. Collected from the students who act in these films, they glimpse the way of life of the urban Malagasy youth.


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