THB Beer Campaign 2011
Novo-Comm Ogilvy Madagascar

For 50 years THB beer is the Major Lovemark at Madagascar. In end 2010 new competitors enter the market. It is the moment for the brand to reaffirm its local inking, is its proximity to artists and the world of Malagasy folk music.

THB rocks Madagascar !

4’06” Musical clip

For the first time in Madagascar a Brand communicates through a musical clip.THB beer is historically related to Malagasy folk music, the main singers of the country are under sponsorship with the brand. The clip and the song had a very big success by staying in the charts for nearly 6 months.This music takes the rhythms and codes of 3 major regions of the country. The 5 most popular artists of the country appear there.


3 knocks on the table

60” TV commercial

This film show how THB gathers People, and even different ethnies of the country. The 3 knocks on the table refer to the 3 letters THB and are the basic rhythm of the music. It became a way to order this beer.