SMO for beverage brands 2016 – 2017
Facto Saatchi & Saatchi Madagascar

Redaction of STAR Beverages social networks editorial charters to be used by community managers. Community manager is rather new job in Madagascar,  the agency was thus  in charge of guiding the editorial style, advise the contents choices and proposing planning for the posts. Ideas of events and activations were given every month for each brands.


Eau Vive is the leading brand of bottled water in Madagascar, its brand universe is focused on its purity, the main themes are maternity, family, sports, health (see in advertising). To visit EAU VIVE Facebook page Clic on the logo.


XXL is the CASTEL Group energy drink in Africa. Its brand universe is focused on strength and surpassing oneself, the favorite themes are: ( trendy) sports, especially and trades engaging a great endurance (see in advertising). The community manager have to know how to answer to worries abouts the Taurin and the risks linked to its comsumption. To visit XXL’s Facebook page, click on the logo.


Caprice is the umbrella brand gathering the soft drinks: Tonic, Orange, Grenadine and Bonbon Anglais. Bonbon Anglais being a best seller in Madagascar ( sells more than Coca-Cola). The website has to support the festive and childish spirit of the brand. Each of the 4 drinks has, moreover, a universe and a particular target. The comunity manager have to know how to answer consumers (parents) about the aspects related to health (sugar, chemical components). To visit Caprice’s Facebook page, click on the logo.